Pool Line pH controller and dosing pump with HI10053 pH probe, injection valve fitting and tubing

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    supplied with pH electrode and complete installation kit

Developed to be an inexpensive solution for pool owners and maintenance companies to maintain the ideal pH at all times, the BL100 pH Controller and Dosing Pump is a system engineered for maintaining the pH of swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas. Simply insert the probe and injection valve in-line with the recirculation pump and provide the chemical to be dosed. 

pH Controller and Dosing Pump BL100


Peristaltic Dosing Pump

The powerful built-in peristaltic pump uses a stepper motor which does not have any gears or brushes providing for a long life with little maintenance.

Automatic Proportional Pump Control

The peristaltic dosing pump can be controlled by simple on/off or more advanced proportional control which helps prevents overshooting of the set point.

Adjustable Flow Rate

The dosing pump flow rate is adjustable from 0.5 to 3.5L/h, allowing for better control in maintaining a desired set point.

Acid Tank Level/Flow Switch Input

A connection to an optional level controller or flow switch. This input can be used to disable the dosing pump when there is no chemical left in the reservoir tank or there is no flow due to the pump being turned off.

Multicolored LCD Display

A multi-colored LCD provides a quick way to see the status of the pool controller. The display will show green when operation normally and red while in an alarm state.

Quick Connect Probe Input

The Quick Connect DIN connector creates a waterproof seal with the meter making it ideal for reducing electrical noise issues with the connection caused by humid environments.